What Our Clients Say


I love my fence. Mike (½ lab ½ husky) is able to go out by herself. She checks out the bunny trails and any other critters that have passed through the yard during the night. I really loved the fence during January when Mike goes out and I stay in the nice warm house. My vet has been happy with the fence also because before the fence Mike was getting a little on the chubby side and at the last vet appointment, she is now at a good weight. She is getting more exercise.

Katy K.

Our family rescued a dog about three years ago and he kept running away whenever he caught an interesting scent. Hidden Boundaries has given us peace of mind to be inside when our dog (now a beloved member of our family) is out. He even seems to feel safe within his boundaries. The training was a few simple repetitious commands. We are very happy with the results.

Lisa B.

We are so pleased with our new dog fence. The training and service that we received from Hidden Boundaries was great. The installation was quick and simple. Greta learned her new boundaries in no time. We can now let her out the door knowing that she will stay in her yard and that’s a very confident feeling.

Keith P.

We wanted to thank you for the personal level of service you provided. So thank you for going above and beyond.

Carey N.

They absolutely love being able to run around outside without the leashes. Diane, you are truly a "dog whisperer" and an inspiration.

Jim and Cindy K.

Just wanted to thank you for the, as usual, awesome customer service. Chloe is staying in the yard with her new receiver. Big thanks for everything!

Linda P.

The Gentle Step training was unbelievable. There was no stress on me or Abbie. I did not have a frightened porch dog when we were done. Abbie is in non-stop motion. Runny and playing is what her life is all about. Thank you Hidden Boundaries for your great product, service and training. I am a believer.

Mary C.