Do you give containment guarantees? What are they?

Pet Stop does offer a lifetime containment guarantee that is put in writing. None of our competitors do that.

Can the correction levels on the receiver be changed? How?

Pet Stop has over 8500 programming capabilities that we do for you at no extra charge. No outside forces can change the correction level of your receiver. Each pet’s receiver can be programmed separately to what that particular pet’s needs are.

How often do you change the battery? How much do they cost? Where can you buy them? Do you have battery plans?

Pet Stop receivers have an LED light on them that tell you when to change the battery. They usually last for 4-6 months. You can buy the appropriate batteries for your collar thru your local Pet Stop dealer. They cost from $15 each + Shipping/Handling, or you can opt for a Pet Stop battery plan.

How will you protect the installation of our line from breakage?

Pet Stop protects the wire in the most vulnerable places to protect the wire from breakage. We use only approved underground burial cable, and approved underground burial splices.

How do you deal with the installation of flower beds, and unusual areas?

At Pet Stop we don’t want our customer to be inconvenienced with continued breakage issues, so we recommend protecting the wire in flowerbeds, and more exposed areas.

What kind of warranties do you have on the equipment? What are they?

Pet Stop has 1-year, 2-year, and Lifetime Warranties available. If you move, the warranties follow you as an owner, so you need to make sure you take your equipment with you.

Do you have indoor units? How can they be used?

Pet Stop indoor units can keep pets in or out of a room, off counters, off furniture, or away from Christmas trees. The possibilities are endless.

Can you put cats on the system?

Absolutely, cats actually learn faster than dogs do. We have many cats on our system.