Hidden Fences

Keep Your Pet Safer and Happier - With the Best Electric Pet Fence Available in the Delmarva Peninsula

Your pet is important to you - otherwise you would not be looking at installing a hidden pet fence, right?

Wouldn't it then make sense to deal with a company that not only provides the most technological advanced product on the market, with more features to keep your pet safe and comfortable, with the experience of having installed hundreds of hidden pet fences ... but most importantly are pet lovers that will treat your pet like they do their own.

Pet Stop of Delmarva is a local family owned business that services ALL BRANDS of hidden pet fences and will do just that!

We are dealers for Pet Stop - the premier hidden pet fence, not just in the Delmarva Peninsula, but across the country. Pet Stop provides the best hidden pet fence products available to keep your pet safe, comfortable and healthy.

Our commitment to superior service, years of knowledge and love of animals is a unique combination that translates to happy customers.

Why Pet Stop is Better Than Invisible Fence® in Delmarva - with Better Service

Invisible Fence® was the original hidden pet fence but some of the key people knew that they could create a superior product - Pet Stop®. Using the wealth of knowledge and experience they set out to improve and innovate and succeeded in producing an amazing product.

Take a look at some of the things that sets the Pet Stop products apart from the competition. Features that make your life easier and more convenient.

Key Features To Consider

Not all products have the same features or the same quality. Here is a quick check list of features that you should be looking for when considering a hidden pet fence.