Pet Fence Installation

Installation of Your Pet Stop System

Installing your Pet Stop hidden pet fence system involves four steps. Our experts are always happy to explain the installation in more detail with you. They’ll get you started from day one, assisting you throughout the process.

Pet Stop of Delmarva will:

  • Bury the boundary wire
  • Place the signal transmitter
  • Fit and program your pet’s receiver
  • Perform the initial training session
Burying the Boundary Wire

We bury the boundary wire a few inches under the ground. This wire receives a harmless digital radio signal from the transmitter, encoded so it doesn’t interfere with your neighbor’s system and theirs doesn’t interfere with yours. The wire is installed around the entire area in which you want to contain your pet.

Placing the Signal Transmitter

The radio signal transmitter is typically located indoors near an electrical outlet, and where it can be easily attached to the boundary wire.

Programming and Fitting the Receiver

Programming and fitting your pet’s receiver properly is essential. Your Pet Stop dealer is trained to fit the collar to your pet and adjust the correction level to accommodate your pet’s habits and personality.

Performing the Initial Training Session

Training is a crucial part of the Pet Stop method. Different breeds and personalities require different approaches. Pet Stop of Delmarva is qualified to custom tailor every training session to ensure the smoothest transition possible for your pet.

If you're ready to start talking about your Pet Stop purchase, contact us today.