What our Clients Say

Our two Shorkis Tzu's; Teddy Bear and Paddicakes, were definately "born to be free" (in the confines of their Pet Stop underground fence, of course)!!! ;-)

They absolutely love being able to run around outside without the leashes. Diane, you are truly a "dog whisperer" and an inspiration.

Jim and Cindy K.

Pet Fence Installation

Installing the Pet Stop hidden pet fence is a four-step system. Our wireless pet fence experts can help get you started. Pet Stop of Delmarva will:

  • Bury the boundary wire
  • Place the signal transmitter
  • Fit and program your pet’s receiver
  • Perform the initial training session

Learn About Hidden Pet Fence Installations

Hidden Pet Fence FAQ

Can you put cats on the system?

Absolutely, cats actually learn faster than dogs do. We have many cats on our system.

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Pet Fence Collars and Receivers


EcoLite Collar Receiver:

EcoLite’s small size makes it the ideal choice for small dogs, yet is effective for even the biggest of breeds.
Your pet never seems to run out of energy and now you’ll never have to worry about running out of costly batteries. EcoLite’s environmentally friendly built-in rechargeable power pack lasts up to 25 years, for less of a toll on the planet and your wallet. And because EcoLite doesn’t require bulky external batteries, it’s incredibly small and lightweight.
Optional Night Light Feature
EcoLite has a built-in, super-bright LED light which can be activated in low-light or nighttime situations to monitor your pet’s location. It’s one more way Pet Stop helps make your training worry free.

EcoLite Collar - Lifetime Warranty


UltraElite Collar Receiver:

Our UltraElite Series2 Collar weighs 1.3 oz. and is the smallest and lightest on the market. Each receiver can be individually programmed to meet the specific personality of your pet.
The UltraElite receiver can be programmed to work on most Pet Containment transmitters.

UltraElite - Series2 - Three Year Warranty


UltraMax Collar Receiver:

Designed specifically for the stubborn or more determined dog. Utilizing a highly efficient circuit this collar features a host of settings, including an adjustable correction that is proven the most effective in the business.

UltraMax - Three Year Warranty


SW Elite Collar Receiver:

Our Elite SW collar weights just 1.3 oz. and has a patented correction scheme that adapts to your pet's specific behavior. The Elite SW can be programmed to work with some Pet Containment transmitters.

SW Elite - One Year Warranty


PT Ultra Collar Receiver

Our PT Ultra receiver is a light weight receiver that comes with comfort contact probes and steel contact probes. The PT Ultra receiver does have flexibility in programming correction levels.

Perimeter - One Year Warranty

*Not compatible with:

IT-100 Indoor Transmitter, OT100 or OT200 Outdoor Transmitter.

All Pet Stop and Perimeter products are Manufactured in the USA by Perimeter Technologies, Inc.

Pet Stop of Delmarva provides direct manufacturer warranties only on Pet Stop® brand electronic fence products and is not affiliated with any pet containment manufacturer other than Pet Stop®.