What our Clients Say

Our two Shorkis Tzu's; Teddy Bear and Paddicakes, were definately "born to be free" (in the confines of their Pet Stop underground fence, of course)!!! ;-)

They absolutely love being able to run around outside without the leashes. Diane, you are truly a "dog whisperer" and an inspiration.

Jim and Cindy K.

Pet Fence Installation

Installing the Pet Stop hidden pet fence is a four-step system. Our wireless pet fence experts can help get you started. Pet Stop of Delmarva will:

  • Bury the boundary wire
  • Place the signal transmitter
  • Fit and program your pet’s receiver
  • Perform the initial training session

Learn About Hidden Pet Fence Installations

Hidden Pet Fence FAQ

Can you put cats on the system?

Absolutely, cats actually learn faster than dogs do. We have many cats on our system.

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Services and Support for Hidden Pet Fence Systems on the Delmarve Peninsula

Service and support is an important element when considering a pet containment supplier. After all, you want to have any problem resolved in a friendly and timely fashion.

Pet Stop of Delmarva provides the best hidden pet fence products available to keep your pet safe, comfortable and healthy. Our commitment to superior service, years of knowledge and love of animals is a unique combination that translates to happy customers.

Pet Fence Installation

Pet Stop of Delmarva provides for expert installation of all Pet Stop systems. Contact us to schedule a free estimate.

Pet Training

Training your pet is one of the most important factors in a successful hidden pet fence installation. Our expert knowledge and over 26 years in dog training experience allows us to this the right way - efficiently and professionally.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions that you may be interested in. If you still have a question fell free to send it to us via the form on the Contact Us page.

Pet Fence Repairs

Accidents do happen and on occasion you might need some repairs. The typical one is a broken wire. Someone has accidently severed the wire by digging in the garden. Fortunately we are able to repair this by splicing the wires back together. Need a repair? Give us a call.